Rural Settlements

Rural Property Settlements

Ebony has lived in several rural towns over the last few years and understands the unique demands of rural settlements in Western Australia.

We are experienced in both settling your rural property sale or acquisition, and understand the farming seasons in Western Australia to ensure that your business and cash-flow needs can be met with a well timed and managed settlement.

Selling part of the family farm can be a huge life-changing decision for many farming families, and we understand the scale of the transaction and the emotion attached to the sale of the family farm. Your rural real estate agent will help you negotiate the settlement dates to co-incide with the farming seasons and can ensure that the stock and machinery are included if necessary. If there is more than one homestead on the property the sellers will need to ensure that the property is compliant for RCD and Smoke Alarms prior to settlement.

Buying a farm can be quite complex as typically there are several titles that form the farm, for which the owner may describe in a general way. Buyers will need to conduct their due diligence for a farm acquisition to determine the number of titles and the details of each title that form part of the farm. Buyers should also enqire as to whether there are any easements or roads that pass through the farm.

Your local Real-Estate agent should be able to help both buyers and sellers with respect to any queries regarding the sale or acquisition of a rural property in Western Australia but please feel free to ask us if you have any queries or concerns.

Perth Settlement Agents are now also able to conduct your Rural Property Settlement electronically through PEXA. This can have an enormous benefit if you live rurally as we are able to streamline the process for you.

Seacrest Settlements is a Perth based, reliable and efficient real estate settlement agency. We provide personal service and competitive quotes in Western Australia. Enquire today and receive an obligation free quote!